a1Our environment is our life. It represents everything that we see, feel, and hear around us. Without the environment, our life will not be complete. So, with everything that has been happening around us, in different parts of the world, losing the environment we need is a big possibility. This is why we decided to create Benetton Talk.

Benetton Talk is an online resource of all relevant environment-related news, events, activities, and issues, among others. It is an online portal that gives you access to everything you need to explore, learn, and understand the environment.

This website is an avenue for sharing environmental information, as well as issues and topics related to diversity, human rights, and local communities. These are all presented in different forms: articles or blog posts, tips and suggestions, how-tos, interviews and special features, videos, stories, and visitor interaction through activities.

The people behind Benetton Talk come from different walks of life. We come from various age groups and cultural backgrounds. What unites us is our passion for the environment. Our goal is to challenge the people to become more mindful of the environment’s role in our lives. Our goal is to make individuals and groups understand that we can all do something to help bring our environment back to life; that just like humans, the environment also has rights that we need to nurture.

Benetton Talk reaches out to you in three different ways: 1) by informing, 2) by educating, and 3) by engaging. We give you relevant information about the environment and its related issues. Through this, we can help you become environmentally literate, so you won’t be left wondering anymore about what’s happening around us. Finally, we encourage you to engage in conversation with us, to share your ideas and suggestions, and to offer possible actions that lead to solutions.

At Benetton Talk, we help our environment by working with you.