Benetton Talk is an online venue for individuals and organizations passionately fighting for the right of our environment to have a new lease on life. In support of this advocacy, our website is open to all those who want to advertise their product, service, event, advocacy, or project.

Likewise, Benetton Talk is open for sponsorship through advertising. Of course, priority is given to those who share our mission and goal of environmentally informing, educating, and engaging individuals and groups, as well as advocating human rights, diversity, and the importance of local communities.

If you’re into a wide audience, choose from any of the following Benetton Talk advertising packages:

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We can feature your product, service, event, advocacy, or project for free here on Benetton Talk. All you need to do is send a detailed email about whatever it is that you are promoting. If it is in line with our goals, we will feature it here on our blog. Do not forget to send photos, videos, and a link or info sheet of what you are advertising.

Exclusive Banner Ads on Benetton Talk


If your intention is to lure people to your product in a visually appealing way, Benetton Talk encourages you to come out with a banner ad. Your ad will be strategically positioned in the website, in such a way that visitors will easily notice it. Be sure to send us links that will bring visitors to your website or your social media page.

Hosted Activities


Benetton Talk is open to hosting online events for you. For example, if you want a giveaway for our visitors – who are your potential followers – just get in touch with us and provide us the details of the activity. We will coordinate with you from the first step down to the awarding of giveaways to the lucky visitors.

For details about rates and other related matters, please get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.