Benetton Talk wants you to get involve in our quest for better guardianship of our environment. We want you to be constantly updated with the latest activities and movements in the campaign on environmental awareness, as well as regarding diversity, human rights, and events involving local communities.

All year round, Benetton Talks organizes and participates in some events. These events can range from simple conversations over coffee to formal lectures, workshops, to exhibits, musical shows, and tours. Each event is organized with you in mind, so you are guaranteed to benefit a lot from these activities.

Since we are already in the last quarter of the year – and moving towards the jolliest season of the year – we have come up with several events that celebrate the value of the role of the environment in our daily activities. We are brewing something every month to maximize our opportunities to reach out to as many individuals and groups as possible.

Check out the line-up of activities for the 4th quarter of 2016.


The month of October is generally associated with Halloween. Here at Benetton Talk, we do not have ghouls and ghosts, but we do know how scary things can become of we continue to take our environment for granted. As such, we have come with an impressive variety of events to encourage you to take part in our campaign. We guarantee you that you will have not only unlimited learning opportunities but also a lot of fun in these events!
(List of October 2016 events)


November is a time for remembering. It is also a time for thanksgiving. At Benetton Talk, November is when we acknowledge the gifts our environment gives us. At the rate things are going, though, our environment may not have enough resources to continue giving us the gifts we so need. So, we have decided to organize and participate in the following events and activities:
(List of November 2016 events)


December is the jolliest month of the year. So it is the best time to show everyone just how important our environment is. This wonderful creation by the Mighty One deserves to be recognized and celebrated, too, in the most wonderful time of the year. Allow us to celebrate the Christmas season with you through these events:
(List of December 2016 events)

Benetton Talk hopes to strengthen local communities and environmental diversity by coming up with more interesting and unique events in 2017.