The Reason Why Tobacco is Legal in the US but Marijuana Isn’t

People all over the world as asking, why is marijuana illegal but tobacco isn’t? Some say it is because there is scientific evidence that shows how dangerous cannabis might be, while others blame it on the conspiracy. But if Marijuana is illegal because it is harmful to our bodies and society, why aren’t alcohol and cigarettes banned as well? 

Here’s the reason why tobacco is legal in the US but Marijuana isn’t. 

It all started out with one man. In 1929, a certain man named Harry Anslinger was promoted to commissioner of the Department of Prohibition in Washington, D.C. After the alcohol prohibition caused terror over neighborhoods after being run by Gangsters, alcohol became even more toxic. 

Once the alcohol prohibition had finally been put to an end, Harry Anslinger found him and his department bored with nothing to do. Since then, he even said that marijuana was not a dangerous problem as the plant does no harm to people. He even explained how no absurd fallacy makes the people violent. 

However, once his department was in dire need of a new focus, he announced that he has changed his view of marijuana and explained just how dangerous cannabis is. He told the public what exactly will happen if you smoked the cannabis plant. 

First, your mind will fall into deliria, where you experience hallucinetic dreams. Then you will eventually lose all power of control with your thoughts and reach insanity. Marijuana was said to turn people into wild beasts. 

Anslinger explained how the “devil’s weed” will take over and turn you into a monster. The notorious case has left citizens terrified all over the country. 

But what proof exactly did Harry Anslinger have to show the effects of the drug? At the time on investigation, he wrote to thirty scientists on the subject and asked just how dangerous cannabis was, and the recreational drug should be banned. While twenty-nine doctors replied and said no, one scientist said yes. Anslinger then focused on the one scientist and used him to explain the “dangerous effects” of marijuana. 

With the roar of panic that took hold of the United States, marijuana was instantly banned. The United States also tried to warn other countries to follow their actions and ban the drug. However, many countries denied their request and refused to support the embargo. 

Mexican had decided that their anti-narcotics policy should be developed by doctors. According to them, their advice suggested that cannabis did not cause any danger. In fact, they helped patients holistically. The U.S. became furious and ordered to cut out their supply of legal painkillers. Mexico held out as long as possible until their people began dying in agony due to the lack of prescribed medication. So, with deep regret Mexico was forced to drop the doctor’s advice and launched their war on drugs. 

As of today, nearly 40,000 people die every year due to Alcohol while Cannabis has killed no one. Most countries in the world still continues to live with the unconstitutional ban on cannabis that was caused by Harry Anslinger.